Britney Spears: The Cabaret

Luckiest Productions

Australian tours

Written by Dean Bryant
Musical arrangements by Mathew Frank
Directed by Dean Bryant
Starring Christie Whelan-Browne

Produced by Lisa Campbell and Richard Carroll

“Whelan-Browne delivers her performance with laser precision, switching in a nano-second from dumb broad to sweet innocent without you seeing it coming.  Assisted superbly by music director Matthew Frank at the piano, Whelan-Browne interprets Spears’s songs with ferocious energy (she’s a great singer – no Auto-Tune required here!) and point. Brilliant.” 

– Deborah Jones, The Australian

“Bryant has created what is, in many ways, a classic confessional cabaret. Whelan-Browne’s comedic timing is spot-on, bringing the blonde bombshell to life, meaning that every gag cuts through and lands. But what’s really impressive is how she immerses herself in the character, injecting her with energy and passion. Her voice is superb, combining the character-driven style of musical theatre with tinges of pop… Matthew Frank’s accompaniment and musical arrangements are stunning. The entire show speaks with a distinctive and cohesive musical voice. One of the finest cabarets to grace Australian stages this decade. Absolutely unmissable.”

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

“The show fizzes with hilarious one-liners. Musical director and accompanist Mathew Frank has rearranged all the hit songs as cabaret numbers for solo piano – and they work astonishingly well. Whelan-Browne is sublime. Her comic timing is immaculate and she sings superbly, while totally inhabiting the role. Hilarious yet terribly poignant, Britney Spears: The Cabaret is a stunning show. Don’t miss it.”

– Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph